People always ask me what 823 means. Even more people ask how I secured the 823 name on Instagram – and even more people ask why I've stopped making music & all in my feelings when it comes to photography.

The short answer: 823 is the numerical representation of the phrase 'Thinking Of You'. It represents the appreciation for the people that inspire us and push us forward. For me, it’s my wife Miyon. But there's also my family, close friends and collaborators that I constantly gravitate towards.
The project started in September 2016. While we were on our honeymoon, Miyon surprised me with my first 35mm film camera. She knew I always wanted to experiment with film. Since that moment I’ve never gone a day without shooting film. The delayed gratification and uncertain nature of the film process is truly fascinating and highly addictive. Every time I use that camera, it reminds me of how much I love her.
Neon dreams
Embracing the imperfection of Risograph printing
The whole experience led to a rush of creative inspiration. There are countless things I've always wanted to experiment with – both tangible & intangible. With 823, I feel like I finally have a home for them.
I've started this journal to share the stories, the progress and the missteps along the way.
Thank you.
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